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Awareness Mission to PCEA Nginduri Church

Awareness Mission to PCEA Nginduri Church, Komothai Parish

The mission was held on Sunday 3rd September 2023. Five members, two oncology nurses and two cancer survivors were in attendance. Faith, the Oncology nurse gave a talk on cancer and encouraged participants to make it a habit to go for check ups because this may help them to have early detection improving the chances for successful treatment. Three of the Tumaini particpants gave testimonies on their experience with cancer and were all informative and encouraging,

about 250 people attended the service with 68 persons registering for breast examination including 11 men. One young woman was detected to have a breast lump and swollen nodes. She was counselled and the health committee was requested to guide her in getting help.

This was a very successful partnership with the local health committee who took the opportunity to check blood pressure and glucose and referred those with problems to local health facilities.

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Learn more about Cancer

Cancer Staging

    • Stage 1(Insitu): The cancerous cells are present but have not spread to nearby tissues
    • Stage 2 (Localized ): The cancerous cells are confined(limited)within the site of origin with no signs that it has spread to nearby tissues
    • Stage 3 (Regional): The cancerous cells have spread to nearby lymph nodes, tissues and organs
    • Stage 4 (Distant/Metastatic ): Cancer cells have spread to distant parts of the body

Risk factors

Risk factors both modifiable and non-modifiable Non Modifiable factors are the ones we have no control over to include age, gender, race and ethnicity. Modifiable factors we got control over to include diet and, lifestyle, eg.smoking and taking alcohol


Women for Cancer provided the kits for cervical Cancer testing and the attendant staff, Gertrude’s Hospital provided the Clinicians, Pharmacist and Lab technologists. Beulah church provided the